OKBET Valorant Champions 2022 | Prediction for the Finals and Playoffs with Epic Fight

OKBET Valorant Champions 2022

The OKBET Valorant Champions 2022 playoff pairings are gradually becoming obvious. The teams who will compete in the next round will be announced after the last two deciding matches today. Here is the schedule and forecast for the two days when we anticipate significant issues.

 OKBET Valorant Champions

KRU Esports vs. FPX

  • FPX is expected to win.
  • VALORANT Odds: 1.3
  • Betting Site: OKBET provides odds.
  • When: 9 September 2022, 16:00 CEST

The last team from Group C to proceed to the playoffs in OKBET Valorant Champions 2022 will be decided by the outcome of the duel between FPX and KRÜ Esports. The teams also squared off in the group’s first encounter, with FPX coming out on top. The series finished with tight scores of 14-12 and 13-10, indicating that the sides were evenly matched in terms of power.

Following the victory, FPX faced North American representative XSET in order to go straight from the group stage to the playoffs. However, they lost the series 2-1 and were forced to compete in the final match. KRÜ has been playing well in this competition, but they may not be enough for FPX in such a vital encounter.

Fnatic vs. 100 Thieves

  • Fnatic to win is a kind of bet.
  • Odds: 1.83
  • Betting Site: GG provides odds.
  • Bet
  • When: 9 September 2022, 19:00 CEST

The competition between North America and Europe will once again take center stage at OKBET Valorant Champions 2022. Fnatic, considered one of the top teams before to the competition, stunned everyone with their performance here. They fell to 100 Thieves in the first match of Group D, and then defeated FURIA at the last second with much difficulty.

Normally, I’d think Fnatic is a step ahead in this series, but their recent performance has made me question them. If they don’t recover and perform like they used to, 100 Thieves may be able to eliminate Fnatic on OKBET Valorant Champions.

 OKBET Valorant Champions

LOUD versus Leviatán

  • Leviatán VALORANT Predictions Odds: 2.11
  • Betting Site: GG provides odds.
  • Bet
  • When: 9 September 2022, 16:00 CEST

LATAM’s top seed has shifted after numerous tournaments for the previous two world championships. Leviatán ascended to the throne of KRÜ at Masters Copenhagen, where they were ousted early despite playing well. They demonstrated their strength as a team in the season’s most crucial competition.

They began the event in Group A, which included strong teams such as Team Liquid and Paper Rex against Edward Gaming. And by dominating their opponents, they became the tournament’s first team to reach the playoffs.

LOUD began the season as a squad that Brazilian supporters had high hopes for, but they disappointed in the final competition. Despite having a less challenging group than Leviatán, they finished second in a group alongside ZETA, OpTic, and KRÜ. However, in terms of playability, they are not where they want to be. In this series, Leviatán is one step ahead.

OpTic Gaming vs. Team Liquid

  • Predictions: Over 2.5 total maps
  • 2.09 VALORANT Odds
  • GG.Bet provides excellent betting odds.
  • When: Tuesday, September 10, 2022, at 16:00 CEST

OpTic Gaming is seeking to cap the season with a bang by winning the year-end grand event after winning the first international tournament of 2022. Team Liquid, on the other hand, believes it is time for some worldwide success after roster changes. The clubs will meet in Round 1 of the Playoffs, providing us with an interesting clash.

OpTic Gaming remain distant from their former supremacy, despite winning the matches. The opposing teams manage to grab at least one map point from them. Liquid is another squad capable of doing so. However, even if the North American representative is the superior team, it makes more logic to predict that the series will go to the third map than than making an end-of-match forecast at OKBET Valorant Champions.

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 OKBET Valorant Champions