OKBET TI11 Highlights | Archive of International Highlights and Epic Fight at OKBET DOTA 2

OKBET TI11 Highlights

The OKBET TI11 Highlights Championship is undoubtedly the most anticipated competition in OKBET Dota 2 and, to a lesser extent, Esports. It is conducted yearly, and for many professional players, playing on such a platform represents the pinnacle of their career.

OKBET TI11 Highlights

As a result, we’ve had quite a few previous Internationals, each with its own Ti highlights to make it memorable. As the International 11 approaches, here are some Ti11 highlights you may have missed.

OKBET TI11 Highlights

This section will be updated daily with OKBET TI11 Highlights. Meanwhile, we’ve chosen some highlights from all prior TIs.


We go back in time to the OKBET TI11 Highlights, when Gabe Newell’s welcoming speech was aired. Participating in a $1.6 million tournament for a game that was still in development eleven years ago sounds suspiciously like a fraud. Even the participating teams and players were skeptical that they were taking part in a sham competition. Valve, on the other hand, was serious about staging million-dollar events, thus this formed the foundation for future incarnations of the International Championship.

Despite having the same prize fund as TI2, Invictus Gaming’s triumph versus Natus Vincere was the International Highlight of that year. Navi won TI1, which was a huge step forward, although there weren’t many teams as astute as Navi at the moment. The win by a Chinese team is likely to have given the Chinese Dota 2 scene the boost it needed to become a formidable competitor at OKBET TI11 Highlights.


TI3 was the first year that Valve added a community-funded prize pool to the $1.6M original prize pool. The TI3 Compendium included special skins, the most popular of which was the hero Pudge’s Dragonclaw Hook, courtesy to Navi’s mid-player, Danil “Dendi” Ishutin. Due to its scarcity throughout the years, the DC Hook was sold for $1500 at its peak. Another memorable Ti moment was when Dendi’s Pudge and Clement “Puppey” Ivanov’s Chen executed the Fountain Hook move. The “play,” on the other hand, sparked controversy about whether it was a well-executed skill or bug exploitation.

TI3 had more Ti Highlights, particularly when Alliance demonstrated their Rat Dota style, which depended on split-pushing. Alliance defeated Navi’s superior team-fight pick in the grand finals with this same technique.


Fast forward to TI5, when Evil Geniuses won the region’s first TI. This TI Highlight is especially remarkable since Syed “SumaiL” Hassan, at the age of sixteen, became the youngest player to win TI. TI5 seemed personal for many fans who supported Clinton “Fear” Loomis when his tale was included in Valve’s “Free To Play” documentary at OKBET TI11 Highlights.

Fear was one of the older players, and he had to retire from TI4 due to an arm injury. As a result, Fear ultimately winning TI5 was a relief for both Fear and the fans. Of all, who can forget Saahil “Universe” Arora’s million-dollar echo slam that won them the final match?


Wings Gaming, a relatively young Chinese squad at OKBET Dota 2, swept the tournament by storm at TI6. Notably, the players are known for their hero flexibility, which makes it difficult for their opponents to pick them. As a result, Wings Gaming not only won TI6, but also established themselves as the greatest team of its time.

Despite six years of TI Highlights, Kuro “KuroKy” Takhasomi has yet to win TI. TI7 highlighted the importance of Chinese teams, particularly Newbee, LGD, and LYF. Kuroky’s squad, Team Liquid, having to compete in the lower brackets all the way to the grand finals, entering TI7 as the underdog. Nonetheless, Team Liquid defeated Newbee 3-0 in the finals.

KuroKy is one of the most renowned players on the pro circuit, and winning his first TI was an emotional experience for him. Their Dota 2 True Sight episode sums it up well at OKBET TI11 Highlights.


The path of Team OG to become champions sets off TI8’s TI highlight at OKBET Dota 2. Unlike previous winners, OG began their journey in the open qualifiers. It was certainly not the simplest way to qualify for TI, much alone win TI8, which is why OG quickly became a fan favorite. Because the TI8 grand finals were a full best-of-five series, there were several TI highlights, from Sébastien “Ceb” Debs’ Axe call in game 4 that rescued the crucial battle to Johan “N0tail” Sundstein’s worldwide presence as Nature’s Prophet in game 5.

OG won TI9 for the second time at OKBET Dota 2, but this time they were in their prime. They were considerably more confident, displaying new hero meta, most notably carry Io. If anything, OG’s energy and morale carried OG as an invincible opponent, along with the incessant taunting.


Then, after a one-year break, TI10 reappeared, this time in support of a new candidate, Team Spirit. Squad Spirit, being a fresh blood team, has the same sense of adaptability as OG. Fans were soon sucked into Team Spirit’s momentum after seeing how easily they won their matches. Magomed “Collapse” Khalilov really defined the offlane position, since he had such an effect in-game and in drafts. Even PSG.LGD, a well-known powerhouse, had to decide which heroes to exclude from Collapse at OKBET Dota 2.

As a result, Team Spirit’s International Highlight was truly the meta transition in which offlane positions became more about playmaking than survival.

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OKBET TI11 Highlights