OKBET Team Spirit’s Triumph in the most Popular Dota 2 Tournament of the Season | PGL Arlington Major 2022

OKBET Team Spirit

OKBET Team Spirit at PGL Arlington Major 2022 concluded on the evening of August 15. In the final, Team Spirit and PSG.LGD, the finalists of The International 10 and the recent Riyadh Masters 2022, met. By viewing activity, the championship was marginally ahead of the previous major of the season, but everything changed during the important playoff matches. In the new post, Esports Charts will inform you about the major’s outcomes, viewing figures, and the tournament’s most popular teams.

OKBET Team Spirit

The major’s outcomes

The most talented Chinese squad PSG. LGD was undefeated in the PGL Arlington Major 2022 was the OKBET Team Spirit group stage and advanced to the grand final through the playoffs upper bracket. While the squad seemed to be head and shoulders over all of their opponents, something went awry during the championship match. Team Spirit was one of the early favorites to finish in the top two of the competition, and they advanced to the grand final, losing only to PSG. LGD in the upper bracket playoff final at OKBET.

OKBET Team Spirit

Spirit faced PSG.LGD three times after winning TI10 and failed to win a single game against the squad of OKBET Team Spirit. Team Spirit captain Yaroslav Miposhka Naidenov said twice from the stage before to the commencement of the crucial match of the major that “only a miracle would assist” them overcome PSG.LGD in the grand final. Considering all of the circumstances, the majority of pundits predicted that the Chinese team would win the PGL Arlington Major 2022 at OKBET, and bookies calculated the chance of this with a 1.25 coefficient. As a consequence, Team Spirit triumphed with a score of 3:1, losing on the first map, regaining 30K gold deficits on the second, destroying the opponent on the third, and reversing the tide at the conclusion of the fourth.

Viewership figures at the PGL Arlington Major 2022

PGL Arlington Major 2022 matches have created around 33.7 million hours in total. 305.3K average viewers watched the show at OKBET Team Spirit. The grand final between Team Spirit and PSG.LGD, as predicted, was the most popular match of the competition, with about 708K Peak Viewers tuning in. At the same time, the lower bracket final between Spirit and Aster finished second, with around 601K Peak Viewers.

Squad Spirit were the tournament’s most popular team in terms of both average viewers and hours watched. PSG. According to these metrics, LGD is ranked second. OG, beastcoast, and Aster were also in the top five.

Russian was the most popular broadcast language, accounting for approximately 42% of the major’s total Hours Watched and 370K Peak Viewers at OKBET Arlington Major At the same time, English-language broadcasts produced 37% of the tournament’s total indication, with 228.3K Peak Viewers.

Twitch was the most popular platform, accounting for more over 75% of total PGL Arlington Major 2022 Hours Watched. According to the indication, the top five tournament coverage channels were PGL Dota2, Nix, betboom ru, just ns, and the PGL YouTube channel.

PGL Arlington Major 2022 attracted a large number of spectators. In terms of Peak and Average Viewers, the event became the second most popular Dota 2 major, behind only The Kiev Major 2017. When compared to the previous major of the season, the PGL Arlington Major 2022 outperformed the ESL One Stockholm Major 2022 by around 20% in terms of Peak and Average Viewers. Furthermore, the event currently has the title of the most popular Dota 2 tournament in 2022, although this is probably certain to change with the arrival of TI11.

PGL Arlington Big 2022 was the first major tournament in 2022 to involve Chinese teams. It is clear that Chinese teams not only enhanced the tournament’s spectacle but also helped raise its viewing figures.

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OKBET Team Spirit