OKBET Online PH | Viewership of Optic vs. Loud Valorant Break Records 2022


The new OKBET Online PH Valorant Champions of 2022 are LOUD. The VCT’s final chapter was held in the Volkswagen Arena in Istanbul, with the grand final on September 18 between OpTic Gaming and LOUD. LOUD was crowned with a 3-1 victory, its obviously passionate players wiping away emotions as they removed their headphones.


A New Heroic Record

The animosity between the two teams is at an all-time high at OKBET Online PH, with the VCT grand final marking their sixth meeting of the year. The build-up to the showdown was massive, and the series went on to easily shatter the Valorant peak viewing records. The final saw 1,505,804 people tune in live, with just 644,092 from English-speaking countries, with viewers from Portuguese streams accounting for over half a million of them.

Another surprise was that despite this, the Japanese audience was extremely strong. Despite the fact that Zeta Division dropped out of the group following a defeat to LOUD, the island country had a large number of viewers despite their team’s absence from the top 8.

There was considerable anxiety about the amount of people that watched the VCT Masters in Copenhagen. Despite being the first OKBET Online PH event in front of a live audience, a gaming milestone, its online broadcast of the event peaked at 786,185 viewers. The highest viewing number for the grand finals between winners FunPlus Phoenix and Paper Rex was the lowest in the history of worldwide VALORANT events.

This was most likely due to the early elimination of the teams from Brazil and Japan, who comprise the backbone of the OKBET Online PH audience. Valorous events have struggled in terms of viewership this year, with the VCT Masters in both Copenhagen and Berlin failing to break the one-million barrier. Up to the Championships, the event in Germany had the most viewership, averaging 389k and peaking at 811k.

However, as the statistics from this year’s Championship were disclosed, all suspicions were dispelled. It had about 526k average views and 1.5 million peak viewers, a significant increase over previous year. Until date, the Stage Two Masters in Reykjavik had the most viewing, with an average of 488k and a peak of 1.08 million.


Excellent Grand Finale

The peak viewership for the LOUD vs. Optic grand final increased by about 32%. Furthermore, the number of hours viewed in the competition increased significantly, rising from 46,048,311 to 60,780,370 altogether.

It’s encouraging to see how theOKBET Online PH audience has grown, especially with the rising attention of new countries. Riot, the game makers, were eager to expand their audience and devised the fail-safe strategy of flying in some of Valorant’s most popular streamers, such as Tarik, to the tournament.

Over 130k people watched his co-stream, which expanded in size as additional guest broadcasters took over his channel. Throughout the event, Tarik and another notable streamer, Shroud, appeared on the official Valorant Twitch channel a number of times. The main Twitch broadcast receives between 230k and 270k views. Tarik’s co-stream was viewed by almost 130k people, and as the event proceeded, more guest broadcasters took over his channel.

Riot has revealed a new franchise concept and structure for 2023. Thirty teams will compete in a Kickoff event in Sao Paulo, Brazil, next February. Riot’s director of esports, John Needham, said that the teams for Kickoffs would be disclosed next week. During the season, teams from three separate areas — North America, Europe, and Asia-Pacific – will compete in their own leagues, with the first half culminating in a Masters tier tournament in June.

Given that the esports event is still months away, it demonstrates Riot’s desire to keep things moving at a rapid pace – and the exponential rise in OKBET Valorant viewership is indicating it’s paying off, and the future seems bright.

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