Infinity Reality, OKBET LOL KOI 2022 ‘s parent business, and Rogue recently announced a “strategic collaboration.” According to rumours, the alliance would extend beyond the firms’ League of Legends sector and will aim to pool their resources to dominate European esports. OKBET LOL KOI 2022 Infinity Reality, KOI’s parent business, and Rogue recently announced a “strategic collaboration.” According to rumours, the alliance would extend beyond the firms’ League of Legends sector and will aim to pool their resources to dominate European esports.


Aside from League of Legends, the partnership’s official press release indicated that KOI will have a presence on Rogue’s other esports teams in Rainbow Six Siege, Call of Duty, and Rocket League. KOI’s Valorant team will also be included in the partnership. The squad was one of 30 chosen for the VCT collaboration in 2023. Ibai Llanos, co-founder of KOI, will allegedly be the partnership’s “featured ambassador.”

“Ibai Llanos, the social media personality and Twitch luminary who controls the world’s fourth most followed channel, will act as a prominent ambassador of the collaboration across both KOI and Rogue,” according to the press announcement.


“This includes OKBET LOL KOI 2022‘s competitive teams in the highly anticipated pro Valorant league and LVP SuperLiga, as well as Rogue’s teams in Call of Duty, Rocket League, Rainbow Six, and their championship League of Legends roster- the number one LEC seed into next week’s Worlds tournament.”

The collaboration will also let OKBET LOL KOI 2022 to compete in the LEC and will see Rogue’s LoL squad renamed as KOI. The modification will be implemented in time for the LEC’s 2023 Spring Split, although the actual name change has yet to be declared, though many speculate that it will include OKBET KOI.


Despite the move, Rogue will apparently continue to manage the company’s affairs. The present management will be in charge of the amalgamated League of Legends team’s management and operations organization. The news announcement did not give any information about the acquisition price or the percentage split because some competitive esports teams are taking time off over the offseason, the alliance of both esports teams will formally begin in 2023. This applies to both companies’ Valorant and League of Legends squads.

Rogue’s Rainbow Six squad is presently competing in the European League event and is in the third stage. If the team finishes the tournament, they will be eligible to participate in the Jönköping Major, which will be held in November.

On October 7, the Piqué organization’s League of Legends squad will compete in the North American League of Legends World Champion Championship. The main event’s best-of-one match versus DRX will be their debut appearance in Group C, which also includes Top Esports and GAM Esports. The main tournament of the 2022 Worlds began earlier today, with Fnatic defeating Cloud9.

Rogue and KOI, two European esports franchises, have formed a “strategic collaboration.” The collaboration will allegedly begin next year, allowing the Ibai Lianos-owned franchise KOI to compete in the League of Legends European Championship.

For the 2023 LEC Spring Split, Rogue’s League of Legends squad will be renamed, however it is unclear if the team will be called as OKBET KOI. Despite the relocation, Rogue’s existing management will remain in control of the principal League of Legends team’s operations and management structure.

There isn’t much information available on the partnership, therefore the percentage split and purchase price are unknown. Aside from the rebranding, Llanos, the co-owner of KOI, will become the “featured ambassador” of both companies as well as their respective teams.

Llanos remarked on the current alliance, revealing that it would accelerate the company’s development and give additional options for them.

“I couldn’t be prouder of OKBET KOI and what we’ve accomplished in such a short amount of time,” Llanos said.

“Our collaboration with Rogue just accelerates our development and expands our chances to create the most engaging and exciting experiences for our fans.”

Anna Baumann, Rouge’s parent business Infinite Reality’s Executive Vice President of Esports, also commented on the cooperation. She said that the firm was “ecstatic” to be working with OKBET KOI and that they planned to provide fans with more material in the future.

“We couldn’t be more excited to be working with KOI after establishing Rogue as a world-leading talent factory with championship-winning teams,” Baumann added.

“With this partnership, we can step up our game and provide even more industry-leading engaging content to our fans, all while continuing to develop Ibai’s history in esports.”

In August, reports of a merger between Rogue and OKBET KOI began to circulate. At the time, it was announced that Rogue will keep their LEC berth while moving the European Regional League roster from the Ultraliga to the LVP Superliga Spain. The exact specifics of the relocation were not disclosed with the merger announcement.

The combination will definitely benefit both firms, owing to Rogue’s ability in developing and identifying league talent, as well as KOI’s brand. Both groups have large fan following on their own, so working together will substantially improve their appeal.

Rogue enjoyed their most successful League of Legends season this year, winning the LEC 2022 Summer Split. As Europe’s No. 1 seed, the North American squad is now among the teams competing in the League of Legends World Championships.

OKBET KOI, for their part, has had a successful year and was one of just a few teams chosen for the Valorant Champions Tour in September (VCT). In June, the team also teamed with Shikenso Analytics to monitor the success of its current collaborations.

The merger of the two corporations will go into effect in 2023. Meanwhile, fans may see Rogue’s League of Legends squad compete in their first World Championship 2022 match versus DRX later today. Rogue are the underdogs in this encounter, with odds of $2.45 on leading esports betting sites.

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