OKBET DRX becomes the first Play-In team to reach a Worlds final. The trek is lengthy, but it is worthwhile. LCK is ranked fourth. With an astonishing semifinal win against LCK top seed Gen.G, DRX continues to defy expectations at Worlds 2022. Despite Gen.G winning the first game of the best-of-five series, Kim “Deft” Hyuk-kyu and the OKBET DRX team maintained their ground and won the following three.

In the fourth and final game, support player Cho “BeryL” Geon-Braum hee’s found the right opportunity during a vital Drake battle to seal their series victory.


OKBET DRX BeryL combines Gen.G with Braum’s Glacial Fissure


At 34 minutes, OKBET DRX was attempting to claim the Ocean Soul at OKBET DRX. The players from Gen.G were already positioned around the pit, receiving damage from the drake. OKBET DRX marched down the river, poking Park “Ruler” Jae-Xayah hyuk’s for a fourth of his health, putting the Tiger Nation squad on the defensive.

“Pyosik” Hong Chang-Kindred hyeon’s concentrated on the Ocean Drake at OKBET DRX, while BeryL utilized Glacial Fissure to help Son “Lehends” Si-Nautilus woo’s and jungler Han “Peanut” Wang-Viego. ho’s Pyosik slayed the Ocean Drake at that precise time, securing it for his squad. Hwang “Kingen” Seong-Gragas hoon’s swiftly followed with an Explosive Cask, tossing three Gen.G members into it. BeryL and the guys swarmed the displaced foes, gaining a 2v5 man advantage.

Forced to flee, Ruler kited back through the small jungle passage at bot and used Bladecaller to root both Kingen and BeryL. BeryL eventually shut down the AD carry with one last Winter’s Bite during the exchange, collecting 800 gold. Following the combat, OKBET DRX increased their gold advantage to 5,000 and grabbed the Baron, allowing them to win the series two minutes later.

Zeka and Deft discuss their chances of reaching the Worlds 2022 final


With the 3-1 win, OKBET DRX becomes the first Play-In team to reach the Worlds final. The club also snapped a 13-game losing run against the other LCK team. Throughout their Worlds run, the squad has been dishing out upsets. In their most recent encounter, the team defeated reigning champions Edward Gaming to complete the Worlds’ second reverse sweep. “This was my first Worlds, thus everything was new to me, from the Play-In Stage through the Final.” “Every minute is very important to me, and I’m really thrilled,” Zeka remarked during the aired interview at OKBET DRX.

Deft, who is about to compete in his first Worlds final in seven years, expressed his views on the odd situation. “It seems like it took forever to get here, but I made it at OKBET DRX.” I became a professional player in order to win Worlds, and I was able to meet people who shared my feelings. “They’re always there for me, so it seems like I’ve already won everything,” he remarked.

T1 will now meet OKBET DRX on November 5 at 5 p.m. November 6, 12:00 a.m. GMT | 8:00 a.m. GMT+8

Specific Game FAQs (Answers & Questions)

  • What Is the Distinction Between Offline and Online Esports Competitions? Offline Crowd Control

Some of the finest esports contests are performed all year in magnificent locations, directly under the spotlights. It wouldn’t be the same without fans roaring on their favorite teams from the stands at OKBET DRX. But with such amazing atmospheres comes immense pressure, which only the finest teams can handle.

  • There are no connection issues.

Despite the fact that the internet is now more stable than ever, sporadic connection difficulties might still occur during online play. For elite players, a single second 20 lost connectivity might spell disaster. A little latency increase might make or break a match. Fortunately, all big competitions are conducted offline, so there will be no connectivity issues throughout the matches.

  • No Lag

As previously stated, latency may be a game-breaker in competitive matchups. That is why, as the name implies at OKBET DRX, offline matches are the safest to wager on since they do not utilize the internet. They instead use LAN, which removes any possible latency difficulties.

  • Random Connection Problems

You know how it feels when you’re ready to make a frag and then a random latency spike kills you? Technically, the same thing may happen to professional players in online competitions. It’s also not uncommon – we’ve seen lots of connectivity troubles in online tournaments over the previous several years at OKBET DRX. That is essentially why all big competitions are moving to LAN.

  • Pings that are higher

Even in the competitive division, somewhat increased ping is not a critical concern in amateur CS:GO matches. When it comes to pros, though, there is much more to it than simply a rating. Every ping blip may be alarming when there are sponsorships, fans, organizations, and a lot of money on the line at OKBET DRX.

  • DDoS Attacks Could Happen

DDoS is an acronym that stands for Distributed Denial of Service. It is a sort of cyberattack that targets the bandwidth or resources of the targeted system. In this situation, the system is owned by a certain professional player. Then “hackers” flood it with large amounts of bandwidth, thereby leaving its internet connection inoperable. DDoSing has been a major issue in the esports business, and it is just another cause for transitioning to LAN systems.

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