OKBET BTS Pro Series Season | 12 SEA Group Stage Epic Fight on OKBET DOTA 2

OKBET BTS Pro Series Season

OKBET BTS Pro Series Season of the BTS Pro Series Southeast Asia is returns for its twelfth season and provides good competition before the International 11 (TI11). We have a heavy schedule of pre-Ti scrims and some fascinating preparation for new rosters ahead of the roster re-shuffle over the next 10 days at OKBET DOTA 2.


What makes the OKBET BTS Pro Series Season 12 SEA unique is that it includes a number of tough TI11 teams, as well as SEA and South American teams. BOOM Esports, Fnatic, and, most recently, Hokori are among the teams on the OKBET DOTA 2.

Let’s get started with this week’s matchups.


TNC at OKBET BTS, perhaps one of the most famous powerhouses in the SEA area, is not a prospect we would dismiss. They plummeted during the DPC 2022 season, losing their place in Division 1 and, as of the most recent DPC Tour at epic fight, were relegated out of Division 2. The once-lauded squad that frequently competed in the TI Championships is now simply a shadow of its former self.

BOOM, on the other side, succeeds to represent SEA for TI11 via DPC points. While they narrowly qualify for a TI11 direct invite, many fans expect the SEA squad to play well against its off-sea counterparts.

TNC’s losing streak and lack of good outcomes have them at x4.09 versus BOOM’s x1.20 odds. As a result on epic fight, betting on BOOM in this first match is an easy selection for any MyStake betting slip. I’d go for a 1:1 tie on a singles slip at x4.40 and hope for the best.



Lilgun is not your run-of-the-mill squad that you may dismiss at OKBET BTS. They performed well enough to win the DPC Tour 3 Division 2 and will be a fixture in the DPC season next year. They excel at using fast-paced teamfighting heroes, making their lineup an explosive danger even against countermeasures.

Nonetheless at OKBET BTS Pro, NEON remains the preferred choice, with x1.46 returns as anticipated from a squad of experienced players. It’s tough to imagine a scenario in which the odds are stacked against NEON, but after they lost their opening round match against AG, the Dota 2 odds for Lilgun at x2.58 suddenly got enticing epic fight.

You could want to think of another singles for an upset in favor of Lilgun.


Muhammad “inYourdreaM” Rizky of Army Geniuses leads the Indonesian team with his all-star intensity and overpowering middle lane domination. As a result, it’s clear that having such a well-known midfielder elevates the team’s standing.

What makes this MyStake bet fascinating is that Execration has far greater probability of winning than Army Geniuses. However, their most recent DPC Tour 3 results suggest different, since AG was not far behind the leaders. As a result, betting on a winner here is a risk, and you should preferably strive for a draw match on OKBET BTS Pro Season.

The chances for a 1:1 score remain strong at x1.80.

I anticipate teams like Team SMG and Hokori to make their match debuts in the coming weeks. Team SMG, in particular, will be a display of what this team may have accomplished if they hadn’t missed their TI11 regional qualifying registration deadline.

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