OKBET Best Player at CS:GO 2022 | Aggressive Game and Despicable fight

OKBET Best Player at CS:GO 2022

OKBET Best Player Nicolai “dev1ce” Reedtz, a Danish CS:GO player widely regarded as one of the best in the game’s history, seems to be returning to OKBET CS:GO tournaments very soon. The announcement follows a report from Jaxon.gg last week that he had in conversations with various OKBET CS:GO teams. Meanwhile, he’s been playing FACEIT virtually every day.

OKBET Best Player

Dev1ce has been MIA since December of last season and issued the following statement before departing:


OKBET Best Player with the OKBET CS:GO summer vacation coming to a close, news of his rumored comeback seems fitting. Fans of OKBET CS:GO will be hopeful that his batteries have been recharged and that he can return to the game with fresh eyes. Device, at almost 27 years old (in 10 days), was not prepared for the fame, adulation, and criticism that someone in the public realm had to deal with on a daily basis. After almost four years of dominating the scene, the toll was too much for this CS:GO legend to bear, and he withdrew from competition to relax and rehabilitate.

Device was an important component of the Astralis team that won four Majors, including two as MVP. He is a 19-time MVP and was in the top 20 for eight years in a row before taking a hiatus. Beyond his extraordinary abilities, the Dane has been praised for his consistency, longevity, flexibility, and communication. He never topped the rankings, which is likely the lone question mark around his brilliance, but there aren’t many players who can claim to be better than him right now. He seems to be actively playing at this time in preparation for his comeback.

OKBET Best Player

He joined Ninjas in Pyjamas in April 2021. The deal was allegedly valued $1,000,000. NIP COO Jonas Gundersen welcomed the move at the time as “one of the largest in the history of esports.” He is no longer a member of NIP, and his signature should be in great demand; after all, he is one of the most decorated players in the history of OKBET CS: GO competitions.

Now that the news is out, people will be eagerly refreshing their screens for additional information on this issue. At the moment, no team seems to be clearly leading the battle for his signature, but there’s enough buzz about him to indicate that he’ll almost certainly return to OKBET CS:GO competitions. WE STILL NEED TO ADDRESS PERFORMANCE STRESS IN ESPORTS.

Mental health awareness is becoming more crucial in many walks of life, including the esports business. While we often mention player burnout and exhaustion, nothing is done across all esports to address the problem adequately.

Device isn’t the only player to go away from the esport. SK Telecom supporter Lee “Wolf” Jae-wa retired in 2019 for identical reasons, while Turner “Tfue” Tenney has also been taking pauses. Esports teams are beginning to recognize that this has grown more frequent over the years, and particular teams have made significant steps to counteract it.

Evil Geniuses engaged well-known Alok “Dr K” Kanojia, a psychiatrist, mentality and performance coach for The International 10. Astralis and OG have followed suit. Much hasn’t been divulged about their positions in the squad, but it’s a start in the right way. In a competitive atmosphere where the tiniest margins count, player wellbeing might be overlooked. Players are under continual pressure to perform at a high level because to the expectations placed on them by themselves and the team, which may wear them down over time.

OKBET Best Player

Device, of all persons, will be fully aware of these requirements. The nature of athletics can be quite overpowering, and it is frequently overlooked how young some of the participants in the sport are. We hope that healthy timetables, burnout avoidance, and common sense become industry standards soon.

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OKBET Best Player