OKBET Beastcoast, the last day of The International 2022 at the Suntec Arena is all about elimination series and determining which two teams will join Team Secret and Tundra Esports for the Finals Weekend. Four knockout series are scheduled for the fourth and final day at Singapore’s Suntec Arena. Beastcoast and OG were the first to go from their TI11 run today.

OKBET Beastcoast

The day began with just OKBET Beastcoast’s Jean “Chris Luck” Salazar on the stage, since the rest of his squad, along with their coach, remain in hotel isolation rooms after testing positive for covid. Despite this, the South African squad was able to open the series with a stunning triumph against PSG. LGD.

OKBET Beastcoast

PSG.LGD vs. OKBET Beastcoast

LGD attempted to take an early lead via laning stage domination with an Undying-Mirana support pair and a cary Drow Ranger, but their strategy was foiled by a last-pick Storm Spirit from OKBET Beastcoast. With Storm able to control and kill the Drow from the backlines, as well as a great game from their carry Faceless Void, the SA squad pushed the Chinese juggernaut one game away from elimination.

OKBET Beastcoast

Thank you for your incredible support throughout this TI run; we hope we made everyone in South Africa and across the globe proud of us.

Always support Thunder Awaken in their forthcoming game, SA. Until next time, take care.

The second game, on the other hand, saw an offlane Axe for Zhang “Faith bian” Ruida, who completely destroyed OKBET Beastcoast to extend the series to a third game. Faith bian’s 20/4/10 K/D/A came from a six-minute Vanguard and a ten-minute Blink Dagger. He also had a major impact for his team in game three on Brewmaster to maintain PSG. LGD is still alive in the bottom tier.

Team Liquid vs. OG

According to analytics analyst Ben “Noxville” Steenhuisen, OG and Team Liquid are the joint third most common pro team matchup of the 2021/22 season, which merely indicates that they are two of the most familiar teams at TI11.

With that in mind, it came down to a mental struggle, favoring the side with more resilience and concentration. Team Liquid’s seasoned roster had done significantly better than the OG kids, who made their TI debut this year.

Liquid held the upper hand in game one, outpacing OG’s Slark-Leshrac pick with a nice balance of team fight management and heavy right-click damage between a safe lane Drow and a mid-lane Lina.

In the second game, OG aimed for an offlane Huskar revealed in the first phase of the draft, but was utterly neutralized by Team Liquid’s final selection, a Bloodseeker carry. OG didn’t have any save tools for their Huskar, and although having lots of burst damage in theory, they couldn’t locate the beneficial engagements throughout the whole game, and were therefore eliminated by Team Liquid.

While Team Liquid and PSG.LGD compete in another lower bracket round today at the Suntec Arena, OKBET Beastcoast and OG finish in the top 8 and earn $435,041 for their efforts.

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OKBET Beastcoast